Forming and Bending

We’re capable of working with hot rolled and cold rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum, iron plates and many other materials. We have the equipment and expertise to work with complex plans and specifications, and have the capacity to produce over 600,000 units per month.

With CNC multi-layer bending + roll bending + 1D tube bending technologies, single parts can be bent with multiple bending radii in one continuous process. Built-in DGT (Direct Gear Transmission) patented technology strengthens the transmission performance and allows for operation with the smallest interference and the largest elbow space. We can bend tubing with a diameter anywhere from 12.7mm to 127mm.

Smart Tech Hardware have the confidence to provide most skillful cnc tube bending servcie among all the top tube bending companies around the world. We are looking forward to working with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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