Smart Tech Hardware  Over 45 Years of OEM Experience  

Smart Tech Hardware (STH) is a full-service, OEM metals processing company with more than 45 years'experience in the hardware processing industry. We partner with contractors, architects, designers, end users and others on a broad scope of metal furniture fabrication projects, across a broad range of industries, including home and office furniture, health and sports equipment, kitchen supplies, electrical equipment, automobile and motorcycle parts and accessories, and more.

We are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for laser cutting, CNC hydraulic press brake machine, folding and forming, tube cutting and bending, ARC welding robotic and TIG welding, comprehensive surface finishing, including powder coatings, assembly, packaging, and logistics.

Finishing, Assembly and Packaging
We offer complete finishing services including sand blasting and many choices of protective coat finishing. We are also confident that our finishing department can provide all the assembly, wrapping, packaging, and shipping services you need to deliver high quality, complete, finished products to your clients. Welcome to send your inquiries to STH whenever you need a reliable metals processing company.


Metals Processing Service
STH - Metals Processing Company
STH | Industrial Metal Processing Service Supplier
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