We have well experience in metal fabrications, and we supply excellent quality of OEM/ODM requirement to major industrial companies. One of our specialty is to offer sheet and tube laser cutting services.

Sheet/Tube laser cutting is an extremely effective process for cutting sheet/tubular metal and excellent solution for customers working with difficult projects requiring tight tolerances, precision, and high-quality cutting. STH sheet/tube laser cutting services provide customers the advantage of material maximization, limitation of tooling requirement, utmost accuracy, and the ability to achieve geometry design workpiece.

The full sheet laser cutting surface area: 1250 x 2500mm (50”x 100”), Perfect repeatability: +/-0.03mm, Head positioning precision: +/-0.1mm, with minimal set-up time. We typically cut structural steel thickness up to 16mm(0.63”), and stainless steel thickness up to 2.5mm(0.098”).

If you need more details about our laser cutting services, welcome to contact STH, one of the most well-reputed laser cutting factories in Taiwan,

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