Skin Packaging

What is skin packaging?

Skin packaging is a form of visual carded display packaging that tightly locks the item to a backing board using a heat formed film that closely conforms to the products and adheres to the board.

Skin packing is applied suitable the commodities such as heavy, easy crush and irregular products. All of those can be easy to package, transport and display.

Features :
  1. Does not require molds and sealing tools. It closely conforms to the product.
  2. Has lower coefficient of friction that can protect the product.
  3. Toughness, even though the needle, which stand up, can be easy to package without pierce the SurlynR film.
  4. High speed package
  5. High gloss, clarity, sparkles.
Main advantages:
  1. Any size ,any shape ,single or group product can be packaged
  2. Flexible packaging way,high efficiency,more convenience
  3. Best protected product ,shockproof,rub proof ,smash proof
  4. Vacuum hermetic ,offering oxidation,dust proof ,extended the products use time
  5. Low cost :no need moulds,save packaging material
  6. To obviously save transport cost and storage space
  7. To boost up the market competitive predominance